Saturday, 24 July 2010

MMMMMMMMM...... Cake!!!

Don't worry... it's GOOD cake!

Decided today to make myself a couscous fruit cake. I think i'll be going to Slimming World this week to get started again on my weight loss. So today was the beginning of me getting used to eating HEALTHY food again LOL

The cake is lovely, It'll be going to work with me on Monday as we are a bunch of health freaks at the moment!

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Healthy Kick Start!!!

Well I've finally decided I'm fed up of feeling like a bloater. I stopped going to Slimming World at the start of the year and it's now started to go horribly wrong. I've put on all the weight that I lost (1 and half stone) and I feel like crap!

Been to Tesco, after sitting and going through all my old SW books and mags and spent a FORTUNE on "good food"

I'm now sat waiting for the biggest pot of soup you have EVER seen to cook... it's called "speed soup"... I found it on a blog on here.... I hope it works!!!