Friday, 24 September 2010

Good week/bad week

Well it's certainly been eventful this week, and unfortunately not all good!

So, I started swimming this week, all part of my 'I need to lose my fat ass' regime.... and really enjoyed it. It was nice to be back in the pool again and I can't wait until next week.

Then I went to Slimming World class Thursday - only lost 1/2lb but not been feeling too good for last couple of weeks, had put 2.5lb on week before so at least it's going the right way again!

Then today, on my DAY OFF, had to go to work for a very important meeting, to which we were told our service has been given 6 months notice of ceasing to exist. Not good. Panic stations all round. After hubby lost his job last weekend.

Well hopefully this weekend I can get some lovely jewellery made ready for the pamper evening i'm holding a stall at next Friday.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

MMMMMMMMM...... Cake!!!

Don't worry... it's GOOD cake!

Decided today to make myself a couscous fruit cake. I think i'll be going to Slimming World this week to get started again on my weight loss. So today was the beginning of me getting used to eating HEALTHY food again LOL

The cake is lovely, It'll be going to work with me on Monday as we are a bunch of health freaks at the moment!

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Healthy Kick Start!!!

Well I've finally decided I'm fed up of feeling like a bloater. I stopped going to Slimming World at the start of the year and it's now started to go horribly wrong. I've put on all the weight that I lost (1 and half stone) and I feel like crap!

Been to Tesco, after sitting and going through all my old SW books and mags and spent a FORTUNE on "good food"

I'm now sat waiting for the biggest pot of soup you have EVER seen to cook... it's called "speed soup"... I found it on a blog on here.... I hope it works!!!

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Look what I bought!!

This is SO gorgeous I just had to tell EVERYONE about it!

As soon as I saw the brooch in
I had to have it!
Unfortunately it was 3 weeks until payday, I had no pennies in my Paypal account so I thought I'd have lost out.
I commented on how beautiful it was in the Folksy forums and Ellie emailed me to say she would reserve it for me if I wanted.

So, payday came and off I trotted to Ellies shop and there it was, reserved just for me.

It came today and it is so much more beautiful than than the picture, which is fantastic enough!

So here it is guys..... the new addition to my family lol:

Monday, 28 June 2010

What a weekend!

Well I've had an aMAZING week off work, chilling out in the sun, spending time with hubby.

I took him to see P!nk perform at Alton Towers yesterday as his anniversary pressie - FANTASTIC! It's the 3rd time I've seen her and she never fails to excite me. Her shows are full of fun and acrobats and she is a proper stunt woman!

Did a craft stall at the local Summer Event Saturday, which went really well. Had quite a lot of sales and really looking forward to the next one now - which is THIS SATURDAY!!! On a smaller scale though, this one is at a local nursery so I need to get lots of kiddie jewellery made up!

Back to work tomorrow - BOOOOOO - But at least I only have to work for 3 days before having another 3 days off LOL...... Ooooooh then Friday night i'm off to Meadowhall cionema to watch Eclipse. In fact, it's better than that...... cos we're watching ALL 3 IN A ROW!!!!!

Team Edward all the way!!!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Week off work!

Really enjoying my week off so far. It was our 2nd wedding anniversary on Monday and we went to Drayton Manor for the day..... I now have a very red and sore burnt neck LOL!!! But was a fab day, and hubby insisted on buying ANOTHER dodgy "on-ride" photo. God knows why he likes them, they have to be the LEAST flattering pictures ever!

Had my new tattoo started yesterday too. It's bigger than I originally thought it would be but I LOVE it. The intricacy of the design is amazing. Won't be having it finished until thr linework has healed in a couple of weeks but then I'll be showing it off to everyone LOL!

June Loons - Well..... I've managed to list an item every day this month, and so far I have had 13 sales! That's the best i've done in a month on Folksy up to yet! That isn't counting the orders I've had from elsewhere, so I'm really impressed with myself. Seems this jewellery making lark really IS for me!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Finally my TV and internet are back up and running... hubby has been doing his nut without TV for 2 and a half days!!!

Well it gave me chance to get a few new pieces made, ready to list for my June Loons month on Folksy!

Friday, 4 June 2010

Day off!!!!

Well what a lovely day it is today! The sun is shining, and it's payday LOL (well, hubbys payday anyway!)

So far so good on the June Loon Folksy listing frenzy, i've managed 4 days up to now and I'm sure I have enough stock to continue for the forseeable future!

About to take the car n find out how much it's gonna cost me to get it through the MOT.... I could be in trouble :(

Off out tonight for dinner, can't wait!

Sunday, 30 May 2010

New camera!

Well I finally got my new camera and have spent most of the day playing around with it LOL!!!

Have updated some of my pics in my Folksy shop, will be updating more soon..... hopefully people will find my jewelz a lot more appealing..... which means more sales!!!!!

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Lovely week

I must have had my lucky pants on all week cos I've won 3 things this week!

First of all I won a lovely new banner for my Folksy shop, courtesy of bonnitagraphics... and lovely it is. She sent me the first draft and I liked it immediately!

Then I won a gorgeous make your own butterfly charm kit from EllieBJewels.

Then today I have won a lovely felt flower brooch from LisaHafey!

I wonder what next week will bring! Hopefully I will receive my item from the Folksy swap.... mine will be sent off on Monday, I hoped it's liked!

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

I'm so excited!!!

I've just been informed that I was picked out of a draw to get a free banner made for my shop on Folksy!!! This is the first thing I have won since joining in the blogging. - I've seen some of her designs on here and she is amazing!

Can't wait to see the designs...... I'm sure I'll be checking my emails at every opportunity tomorrow now!!!!
Feeling much better this morning.... the pain in my neck and shoulder seems to have subsided... God bless modern medicine eh!!!

So, off to work in half hour but when I get home I will be resuming crafting - still have a couple of custom orders to complete before continuing with my stock up for the craft fair on 23rd May - EEEEEKK!!!!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Not good!!


Woke up yesterday morning in agony with my should and arm, felt like i'd pulled something. Turned out hubby had noticed during the night that I was laid funny on my arm, so he tried to move it... unfortunately he moved it the wrong way!!!
Been docs tonight and I've trapped a nerve in my neck/shoulder.... so my jewellery making is kinda on hold at the moment!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Had a lovely day, step-daughters party was... interesting to say the least! Been out delivering my local orders and came back with more orders so all in all a good day!! That was until I just sat down to eat my fish, potato wedges and mushy peas and I accidentally swallowed the ball off my tongue bar AAARRRGGHHH!!!

Fun Day!

Well I have a busy day today! I'm off to my step-daughters' 2nd birthday party now. Followed by a copuple of trips out to deliver orders to friends and family and to sell some more of my jewels hopefully!

My best friends mum wants me to help her with a beading set she has bought... God knows why, she makes cards (and beautiful they are too!) I hope she doesn't try and go into business against me!

My first!!!

Well here it is... I've finally set up my blog!!! It's been a long time coming as I was worried about how much time I would actually have to set itup etc... turns out it only took me 3 minutes!!!!

Pics from my shop will be posted shortly and also news of any competitions I run.

I recently ran one on Facebook whereby when I reached 150 members in my group!/group.php?gid=111939862150145

then I would give away an item from my shop. Said item has not been decided on as yet as I am waiting for hubby to pick but the winner has been picked. Another target challenge will be added shortly.

If you are on Facebook please become a fan of my group.

Paula x