Thursday, 24 June 2010

Week off work!

Really enjoying my week off so far. It was our 2nd wedding anniversary on Monday and we went to Drayton Manor for the day..... I now have a very red and sore burnt neck LOL!!! But was a fab day, and hubby insisted on buying ANOTHER dodgy "on-ride" photo. God knows why he likes them, they have to be the LEAST flattering pictures ever!

Had my new tattoo started yesterday too. It's bigger than I originally thought it would be but I LOVE it. The intricacy of the design is amazing. Won't be having it finished until thr linework has healed in a couple of weeks but then I'll be showing it off to everyone LOL!

June Loons - Well..... I've managed to list an item every day this month, and so far I have had 13 sales! That's the best i've done in a month on Folksy up to yet! That isn't counting the orders I've had from elsewhere, so I'm really impressed with myself. Seems this jewellery making lark really IS for me!

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