Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Look what I bought!!

This is SO gorgeous I just had to tell EVERYONE about it!

As soon as I saw the brooch in
I had to have it!
Unfortunately it was 3 weeks until payday, I had no pennies in my Paypal account so I thought I'd have lost out.
I commented on how beautiful it was in the Folksy forums and Ellie emailed me to say she would reserve it for me if I wanted.

So, payday came and off I trotted to Ellies shop and there it was, reserved just for me.

It came today and it is so much more beautiful than than the picture, which is fantastic enough!

So here it is guys..... the new addition to my family lol:


  1. So glad you like it Paula. Elaine x

  2. Wow, what lovely customer service!

    Thanks for following my blog & good luck in the giveaway.


  3. Hello Paula,

    I've just blogged about pussy cat brooches and have linked to your blog post and your Folksy shop. Hope that's OK. Elaine